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Today is a bitter sweet day.  It marks the end of Spokesman-Online.


Cycle speedway’s favourite website has run its course and this will be its final posting.


Such an occasion could not pass by without some sincere and very heartfelt thank you’s. 


Firstly to Kevin Smith whose idea it was six and a half years ago to launch a cycle speedway emagazine. 


To Ian Brown whose company Wosskow Brown Solicitors have been with us, literally from day one to the bitter end. 


To everyone who has ever submitted a match report, result, photograph, article, league table, yes - even a Viewpoint, or more recently supplied us with copy circulars after the sport’s administrators dropped us from their mailing list.


To my wife whose endless patience and never swerving support has allowed me to spend far too many hours editing, writing and publishing Spokesman.


And last but not least to you, the most important people of all, every single Spokesman reader.


It has truly been an honour and a privilege to bring you all the latest cycle speedway news and views.  And you have responded magnificently by clicking on Spokesman-Online on a daily basis, 1,811,735 visits in all at the last count.


Thank you so much for your encouragement and support.


Perhaps we didn’t always get things right and for that we are sorry.  But we always gave it our best and always put the sport first.


Anyway enough from me.  It’s a lovely day and the fishing lake awaits.


See you round the tracks sometime.




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